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PPIA University of Sydney is the Sydney University official Indonesian Students Association. We aim to extend and build a strong bond between Indonesian students studying at the University of Sydney as well as to promote Indonesian culture and tradition through our events/programs. We also welcome any non-Indonesian student who has interest in learning more about Indonesia. 

Therefore, in order to keep updated and to keep this organisation alive, do not hesitate to join us and get involved!


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PPIA USYD Committee for the period 2013-2014


President                         : Wenzel Sutantio 



Vice President                 : Jeanny P Saraswati


Treasurer                        : Airin Tandra 


Secretary                        :  Edlyn Damara 


Media                             :  Megah Fadhillah

                                         Frenado Fred

Event Organizers            :   Steven Lim

                                          Wendy Santoso Liman

                                          Malvin Liuwie

                                          Riana Noviana

Sport Coordinator            : Geraldi Gunawan

Public Relation                :   Julius Wijaya

                                          Jensen Arga

                                          Elisa Handoyo


Contact Email : ppia.sydneyuni@gmail.com


Website               : http://ppiausyd.com/

Facebook Link:  www.facebook.com/groups/ppiausyd 
Twitter Link: @ppiausyd